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Is obesity a cause of death? Doing MCU once a year is important.

Updated: Jun 27

Obesity is a global problem affecting millions. In recent decades, obesity has become a major problem. In Indonesia, 39% of adults over 18 are overweight and 13% are obese. Obesity can cause health problems and is a major risk factor for premature death.

Everyone should take care of their health. One way to stay healthy is to get a yearly checkup.

Obesity becomes a global health threat

Two billion adults are overweight or obese, according to the WHO. Obesity is a risk factor for many serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Health experts say obesity can shorten life and increase the risk of death.

The importance of annual medical check-up

A regular medical check-up can help you stay healthy. An MCU is a series of health checks to assess your physical condition and overall health. If you're at risk of obesity or have gained a lot of weight, an MCU can help detect symptoms and complications of obesity.

What components are important during an MCU

  1. Weight and height check. Weight and height help doctors assess obesity risk. BMI lets doctors know if someone is overweight or obese.

  2. Blood Sugar Level Check: Obesity can cause type 2 diabetes. Checking blood sugar levels helps diagnose and manage diabetes.

  3. Lipid Profile Screening: Obesity often causes high cholesterol and triglycerides, which increase the risk of heart disease.

  4. Checking organ function: The MCU also checks the heart, kidneys, and liver. Obesity can cause unhealthy organ conditions.

Obesity is a global health problem that affects millions. To stay healthy, it's important to take care of your weight. A yearly check-up can help detect and prevent obesity-related disease. Take care of your health and see a doctor at K-LAB clinic for early detection and treatment of disease risks.

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